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Year 7 and the Web

February 2, 2015

For their ICT lessons this term Year 7 have been studying the Web. In their first lesson the focus was on finding information online. I created a questionnaire in Google Docs and asked them to find some information from the websites of different zoos. The information I asked for was all the sorts of information a family would need if they were planning a trip to the zoo. I wanted the children to think about how easy it was to find the information on different sites.

For the next lesson we concentrated on how the zoo websites were actually structured and we used Popplet to create a map of Chester Zoo’s website. For this task the children had to look at which pages were connected to which others.

In the third lesson we then looked at the actual HTML code that made a webpage. We also talked about how you cannot trust everything you read online – I demonstrated how easy it was to edit a Wikipedia article and we also looked at these animal hybrid photos. I also introduced Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles and the children then used this tool to create alternative Wikipedia entries for the animal hybrids.

This week, to give them more of an insight into how HTML works, I got the children to register for Codecademy and work through the HTML lessons. They also had a go at playing Erase All Kittens. My plan for the rest of the term is for the children to start to create their own website for a “Cryptozoo” – a zoo featuring lots of animal mashups such as those mentioned earlier. As they create their websites I want them to explore Javascript and embedding elements such as Youtube videos.

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