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In ICT This Week…

September 7, 2012

The first week back after the Summer holidays has been a short one as the children only arrived on Thursday and as a result the only year groups to have actually had an ICT lesson are Years 8, 6 and 5.

Year 8 – World Wide Web

We talked about the appearance of Tim Berners-Lee at the Olympics opening ceremony and discussed why he was ‘famous’. This then led to discussion about the World Wide Web and the Internet and the difference between the two. The children were then set an Internet research task to find key information about Tim Berners-Lee.

Year 6 – Gunpowder, Tweeting and Blogs

Year 6 embarked on a project linked to their history topic of the Gunpowder Plot. We talked about effective Internet research and they were set a challenge to find useful websites about Guy Fawkes. They also began to use a website called Spicy Nodes which they will use to collate the information they find.

Year 5 – Platform Games

Year 5 will be using 2DIY to create  their own platform games. Today we concentrated on the characters in their game and what the story of their game would be. We looked at the evolution of Mario and Sonic and talked about why the early versions of those characters were really blocky and then the children sketched their own designs.

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  1. September 16, 2012 4:38 am

    Before there was the public internet there was the internet’s forerunner ARPAnet or Advanced Research Projects Agency Networks. ARPAnet was funded by the United States military after the cold war with the aim of having a military command and control center that could withstand nuclear attack. The point was to distribute information between geographically dispersed computers. ARPAnet created the TCP/IP communications standard, which defines data transfer on the Internet today. The ARPAnet opened in 1969 and was quickly usurped by civilian computer nerds who had now found a way to share the few great computers that existed at that time.

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