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Why should we be taught ICT?

January 20, 2012

In ICT I asked Year 8 to tell me why they should be taught ICT. Here is Jasmine’s response.

We should be taught ICT because it is a constantly developing subject. Also soon technology will take over the world and you will need to know a lot about ICT to get a job. ICT teaches you how to go on the internet this is useful because you can communicate to people on the other side of the world with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Another reason that we need the internet is because there are now millions of education sites which teachers can use to teach there pupils such as linguascope or languages on line and hoodamath. ICT is also useful because if you go into the army you will need ICT to launch missiles, fly fighter planes, fly drones and drive the armoured vehicles that they use in hostile territory. Gaming is also becoming very popular with children and teenagers. In ICT it teaches how game consoles work. Also if you choose to make wii, x-box and ps3 games it will be very important to be able to use ICT.


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