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Evolution of Computer Games – James Bond

December 31, 2010

Flicking through the TV guide this morning I wasn’t at all suprised to see a James Bond film scheduled for this afternoon. Thinking about James Bond reminded me of some of the computer games I used to play and I thought it was interesting to see how the games have developed especially when we compare the early games with those created by Year 6 and 7 using 2DIY.

The first clip below is from 1984 and is of James Bond 007 on the Atari 800xl.

and this clip is of the Jame Bond – A View to a Kill game on the Amstrad CPC from 1985

Here is James Bond The Duel, a game for the Sega MegaDrive, released in 1991.

And from 2000 here is a clip from the PlayStation 1 game 007 : The World is Not Enough.

Unfortunately I can’t show you clips from the latest James Bond games available as they all have age restrictions because of how realistic the graphics are becoming.

Oh and finally, one of my favourite games on our Atari ST back in 1992 was James Pond.


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