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The Future of Gaming?

December 8, 2010

I was chatting to some year 6 boys earlier today as they played Tetris on my original 1989 GameBoy about how gaming technology has developed and how players now interact with the games. Kristian was telling me about his new Kinect and some of the games he plays and we then talked about what games would be like in another 20 years time. We imagined playing a game like Halo where the player wears a helmet and views the game through the inside of their visor and seems to be completely inside the world of the game. We also thought about how people would actually control computers and how technology such as Kinect will develop to allow humans to interact with computers just be thinking.

How do you think gaming will change in the future?

In today’s Independent newspaper there is an article about computer programmers who are experimenting with the Kinect technology.

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