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ICT in the Wider World

December 2, 2010

I had a discussion with some children the other day about why I think ICT is a very important subject. We started thinking about how ICT affects everday lives and how many occupations rely on ICT. I thought it would be interesting to collect some stories from parents about how they use ICT in their everyday working lives. So if computers play a vital role in the work you do please leave a comment below as  the children and myself would love to hear about how you use them. Thank you.

Mr Leach

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  1. camilla behrens permalink
    December 2, 2010 2:45 pm

    My computer allows me to work from home as a freelance Editor. All editing and proofing etc. are now done on-screen, and photolibraries etc. offer their images on-screen too. When I first started out as an Editor, working full-time in a London office, I had to trawl through hundreds of slides of images in order to source the right one – now I see 50 to the screen and simply click on the one I want and it automatically downloads to whichever publisher I am working with on a project.

    Turnaround times are now very rapid as material is emailed between authors, editors and publishers – eliminating time spent in the snail mail.

  2. December 2, 2010 10:01 pm

    Hello. I honestly do not feel I could do what I do without computers. I have PCs at home, at my ‘main’ job and also at the two companies that I have set up. I also have an iPhone, iPad VAIO laptop and MacBook Pro (all with their own advantages and disadvantages) and all of the devices are synchronised to each other and share the data between them. So, where-ever I am, and whatever I am doing, I can always see any email sent to me (at any one of the 4 email addresses I have), I can remotely access and contol any PC (or Mac) I have from any other device and all my files are instantaly accessible.

    This has allowed me to literally work from anywhere I find myself as if I were sat in front of a computer. With the use of one or two other programs, I can ensure that I am fully in control of everything that I do – including updating our web site, facebook pages and twitter feeds.

    Computers have also been very helpful in developing business networks and also in advertising our services and products, as well as a very quick and relaible way of keeping in touch with colleagues, staff and customers.

    When at work as a doctor, we keep all our patient notes securely on our PCs and the computers ensure that everyone can find the important information to help treat patients. We receive all our results electronically and all our notifications come via email. All letters are scanned and added to the patient notes electronically. The PC checks for drug interactions and ensures the patient isn’t allergic to the medicince you are prescribing, reducing prescribing errors. Letters are dictated using digital dictation software (I’ll declare an interest here!!) improving document turnaround by 40%. Modern General Practice could not function without computers.

    I could go on a lot longer but bed beckons. I wish you all well with you investigation and hope that you find ways of making computers as much use to you as I have.

    With best wishes,


  3. Ann Shaw permalink
    December 6, 2010 10:51 pm

    I can not imagine a world without computers, although I do remember learning to touch type many years ago on a typewriter. It was slow and involved many copies of carbon paper and tippex!

    Having worked in health and safety and facilities management , computers have allowed companies to efficiently comply with all the working regulations and practices that are now essential. Before computers, it was volumes of paper and a truly painful process.

    My current project involves is an observational programme which assesses the long-term safety and efficacy of certain drugs.

    The main objective is to assess the safety and local tolerability of the long-term use of drugs on patients and the use of computers is invaluable. Without computers, the worthwhile research could not be monitored as quickly and help evaluate the acceptability of injections to patients, partners and healthcare professionals.

    Enjoy being part of a ever changing process.

  4. December 8, 2010 1:28 pm

    Thank you for the comments, they are very interesting. Hopefully we will get even more exampled posted.


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